The Current King

Bryan the old lion

Brian is the ruler of the animal kingdom called Animalonia. Problem is that he doesn't care about the kingdom anymore.

Now Brian will face the biggest challenge of his life - to defend the throne from power-thirsty animals.

So what happened?

King Bryan inherited the throne... you can say by accident. And for a long time he ruled the Kingdom just because the lazy and well prospering animals didn’t care about politics.

Years have passed as fast as new budget cuts were appearing. But what struck the animals in the Kingdom was the reform of public media. Bigger licence fee?! Oh, we will not tolerate that!

Thankfully there was a law, or maybe a so called a hole in law, that let any animal challenge current ruler. The only detail, that the cat Leonidas didn’t notice was the fact that it was in fact an open tournament.

And it wasn’t long before more contenders appeared to claim the throne for their own selfish reasons.

So it’s time to sharpen your claws and fangs, prepare your hair and nail – the fight is about to Begin!

Leonidas the TV addicted cat

The first contender

Leonidas was a lazy cat watching his TV like every day. But making the licence fee for public media a bigger one was too much for grumpy cat.

Leo took a sip of his favourite bubble tea and went to see the king face to face.

Shawn the farmer pig

The Syndicate King

Living a simple farmer life is never easy. Shawn knew that. Boring routine, things to get care of every day for the rest of his life...

But no… it’s not what he wants. He learned one thing – only the strong survive. It's time to bring back his father's syndicate...

Jasper the light keeper

Sloth Style Master

Who would have thought that an old sloth living in the old mountain is a martial arts master. Master of the old Sloth style.

The tournament is a great chance to bring back old times and re-create the sloth style Dojo.